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lets dance! [entries|friends|calendar]
11 minute breakdowns

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i wish knew how to make portals of some sort. [28 Sep 2004|05:56pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i get sad.

6 got naked /// take off your clothes

[25 Sep 2004|05:00pm]
4 got naked /// take off your clothes

[21 Sep 2004|03:04pm]
we are playing with circle takes the square in october. that rules.
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i havent posted in a while. [15 Sep 2004|04:23pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

thats right.

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haha [30 Aug 2004|10:50pm]

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5 got naked /// take off your clothes

you rule [26 Aug 2004|04:47pm]
no, you dont.
6 got naked /// take off your clothes

oh boy [25 Aug 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

cute girls rule.

5 got naked /// take off your clothes

i like guys. [22 Aug 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | curious ]

well, not really.

i went running today.


take off your clothes

i am for sale. [11 Jul 2004|08:43pm]
well, the time has come...

i said i would come out of hiding for one thing...



it's about time.

ps. i got another ticket. luietenant dangles pulled me over on monroe ave. (some bike cop that tottaly wants to be on reno 911) for breakign the sound ordinance with my music. ..lame. my speakers dont go that loud. perhaps it was because he was 7 feet away? eh w.e

you people better comment on this. or ill hit delete. damnit.

19 got naked /// take off your clothes

im filled with hate [23 Jun 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | sad ]

but i love to hate.
to hate her mainly.
among many others.

crews are where it's at.
rackem' up.
jd crew
scenester crew (haha)
beach party crew

yea. fun times. its summer.
the fun has started. kinda.
tara should come to new york.
shes amazing. online style.

yes, i am a loser/geek.
i enjoy playing catch.
baseball, football, frisbee.
dosen't matter what.

im going to work alot.
alot alot. and take 3 our lunch
breaks.i should probably get a
new cell phone so i can chat it up
while at work. chatting makes the
time go faster. im working offsite
now, so there is no one there to
supervise me at all. im my own bus.

who wants to go to the beach?

that was my summer post.
leave many comments, or you are all lame
unless something really important
happens, like jon loses his virginity,
im not posting until septemberish.
but dont take me off your friends list.
i will still read and leave comments.
bye bye bye. (sang like nsync)

15 got naked /// take off your clothes

[08 Jun 2004|11:28am]
[ mood | blank ]

im happy.

i like her so much.

it's crazy.

we are crazy.

maybe you're crazy.

im in porfolio. it's boring. im done with everything and my final project. so now im just chillen. digital is next. i will probably come close to finishing my final project. it's going amazing so far. i will most likely post it. someday. im going now. goodbye.

6 got naked /// take off your clothes

niggas' dont want it. [23 May 2004|12:05am]
Er'body run for they life, take cover
I rip mics unlike no other
Rosary and wife beater's, ice grill
Cowards show heaters, but don't want to kill
Bitch tight for real, what the deal?
How you gonna wanna go the whole 9...
When you scared to hold a 9?
9 o' clock come you got 15 minutes
7 days away dogg, gotta get in it (Niggas don't want it)
I ain't backin up from nobody, no crew
No man - especially not you
You ain't ready for the big game
Clothesline that bitch, make him know my name
I'm going deep like Moss
Make you pay a high price if you don't know the cost
Ain't nothin I'd kill for a cause
Stay high, steady ride ill cars
Burn that hash, brizza roll that weed
Let me show you why these fake cats don't know me
Hangmen hang 'em high, hold fire, til you see the white's in they eye
The enemy's at the gate, on the front line
It gets ugly when I go for mine
Grab the microphone, spread the prophecy
Go and tell your hood, your people ain't stoppin me
More, he's up to no good, stop watching me

This year, my year just watch and see, motherfucker
7 got naked /// take off your clothes

[22 May 2004|01:06am]
fuck lj.

and stupid fat over grown gates girls should fall off cliffs n shit.
5 got naked /// take off your clothes

[06 May 2004|08:06pm]
to all those people who have me listed as a friend, but are not a friend of mine...

take me off of your friend. thanks.

and if we are friends off of live journal, but i wont accept you as a friend on here..dont take it personally.
alot of peoples journals just annoy me.

bye. back to friends only.
18 got naked /// take off your clothes

[19 Apr 2004|05:53pm]
im dying. for real.
maybe its just my
time to go.
im going back to
bed. goodnight
folks. love, ryan.
7 got naked /// take off your clothes

[19 Apr 2004|12:52pm]
yea, so im back.
back to being bored.
i think i should join mad rad hair or something to spice things up.
or i could start some drama. but who wants that?
i think ive came in touch with my dream girl. haha.
im going to update more at home. maybe ill throw in a few pictures.

2 got naked /// take off your clothes

[18 Apr 2004|04:59pm]
im back.

for a bit.
10 got naked /// take off your clothes

11-20-2003 - 4-12-2004 [12 Apr 2004|02:35pm]

ill miss you all.

love ryan
take off your clothes

[03 Apr 2004|05:55am]

take off your clothes

i one 2 to 4 nigggaa [22 Mar 2004|12:16pm]
[ mood | blank ]

thats right, i came out stuntin' in gym today. balled with the homies. i went 1 on 1 with macio. i beat him. hes like sonn. hes the coolest tho. ballin ass nIGGAz we is.

anyways. im bored. not at work because i dont work anymore.
livejournal is getting mad lame. everyone cool should just get myspace accounts. anyways, im out. theres this chick on live journal. shes a friend on here. i have a livejournal crush on her. shes hot.

4 got naked /// take off your clothes

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